Paul Teven CoachingCertified Professional Proactive CoachPaul Teven, CPCC, is a trained Mediator, Certified Professional Co-active Coach, a successful entrepreneur and mentor.

Helping people resolve issues, get un-stuck and moving forward is Paul’s true gift and his calling. He has an uncanny ability to cut through the intellectual¬†and emotional fog surrounding any problem and shine a light on a path that moves you forward.

Paul’s style of coaching is direct, empathic and powerful. He is also known for having a great sense of humor.

In addition to a successful business life, Paul has followed a path of personal growth including Men’s Work connected to the Mankind Project, and being a Mentor to high school students through a leadership program he helped to create.

In addition to his coaching practice Paul volunteers with Community Mediation Services (CMS) in Boulder Colorado and Jeffco Mediation Services (JCMS) in Golden CO.

Paul was trained and certified in coaching by the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) one the most prestigious coach training schools in the world.

Contact Paul by phone at 720.515.0304 or via email.