Professional Family and Small Business Mediation Services

Boulder CO Mediation ServicesMediation Association of ColoradoPaul Teven, CPCC, is a highly skilled professionally trained mediator and has achieved professional level status with the Mediation Association Of Colorado.

Paul is available to discuss your mediation needs in the following areas: Family, Divorce, Parenting, and Small Business disputes.

As a certified Co-Active Coach Paul possesses special skills which assist his clients in achieving quicker, clearer and permanent resolutions to their disputes.

Paul has a remarkable ability to help his clients identify and clarify the specific issues needing resolution and also facilitating them in order to achieve workable and long lasting solutions.

Having been awarded the Divorce and Parenting Mediator of the year award by the Jefferson County Colorado Mediation Service Paul has been recognized by his clients and peers as a top level Mediator.

Paul brings professionalism, compassion, and even a bit of humor to his mediation practice and has achieved great success in assisting his clients in achieving meaningful and permanent resolution to their disputes.

Contact Paul by phone at 720.515.0304 or via email.